Oakwood Drive - Ravenshead

How it works : Paint a Pot:

Step 1: Choose a pot

Once you have arrived at the Tilly Pots Studio you will be greeted by our friendly family staff who will offer you a table and allow you to get comfortable.

You can then select a piece of plain pottery, called "Bisque" from our large selection of items.  These range from £5 upwards.  Typically a small princess, party animal, mug and many other items range from £7.50 to £15.  We also offer an ordering service, if you want to paint something special we can order it in for you.  The price includes all costs and paints, so no additional studio fees.

Once you have chosen your items take them to the table where our friendly staff will explain the next steps and help you with any questions or tips that you may require.

Step 2 : Paint

Now for the best bit,

Give you bisque a wipe with a damp sponge to remove dust and check its nice and smooth.

You can then select from more colours than letters in the alphabet giving a great range.  For more colours you can even mix them too.

Apply two to three coats allowing it to dry in between (drys in about a minute).  Use light colours first and build up to the darker ones.    Try not to paint layers too thickly as this can occasionally cause the glaze to blister - but we can help if this happens, after all kids like to get messy.  We would recommend an hour or two for this.

Top tip:  if you wan to draw a design, use ink not pencil and it will disappear when we fire it for you.

Step 3 : Relax and Enjoy

While you are painting, we also offer a range of refreshments for you to enjoy.

Fresh Leaf tea served in glass tea pots allowing you to make it just the strength you like.  We also have decaf and Earl Grey.

Ground coffee served in Cafetiere's.  This is selected as a great but simple "proper" coffee taste.   When served simply wait a minute or two depending how strong you like it and gentle press the plunger, then pour.   If you like it sweeter, use brown sugar for a richer taste.

We also have a cold selection of branded drinks such as: fruit shoots, waters, cola and lemonade.

Step 4 : The magic begins

When you have finished your masterpiece it is time to let us work our magic.  This will mean leaving your pottery with us for 7 days.

During this time we will:

Dry it for a day

Dip it in our specialist glaze

Dry it for another day

Fire it in our specialist Kiln to about 1000 degrees C.  This process takes around 17 hours.

Remember the price you pay for you bisque includes all the paint and firing, so no extra charges to worry about.

From this....
To this.....

Frequently asked questions:

Q) I want something to take away today?

Try our foam clay, this can be done using our Paper Mould Models or selecting from the Bisque range.

From £6.50

Once complete take away and will be air dry after a day or two.

Q) Do you have Aprons for little ones?

A) The paint is non toxic and washed out easily but we do keep a couple of aprons if required.


Q) How old do you need to be?

A) Any age that can hold a brush!!!!

Or have you considered Finger painting or hand and footprints - A great gift for the little new people.

Q) I need the item back quicker than a week for a gift can you help? 

A)  It depends on the time, but usually we will try and help, just ask and we can advise but usually aim to help with you projects.

Q) how long does it take for the painting session?

A) it depends how technical you paint but usually 1 to 2 hours.  Some larger items may be done over a couple of sittings if easier, just ask and we can advise. 


Q) I want to try some ideas can you help?

A) We have customers that have created some amazing  crafts.  Feel free to ask and we will help where we can.

Q) I want to come in an evening , do you offer classes?

A) We do from time to time, but if you have a few friends that want to come along, drop us a line and we can open the studio for you.  We do this quite regularly and are happy to have you along.  Sometimes small groups have bought a take away and some wine to have a chilled evening of painting.

Q) I want to paint a Giraffe but you don't have one?

A) We have an extensive catalogue of items, if you want something specific, we can source this for you.  Unusual items may need a deposit to order.