Baby Hand or Foot Casting
Baby Hand or Foot Casting
Baby Hand or Foot Casting
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Baby Hand or Foot Casting

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I have wanted to introduce Baby Hand Casting into the studio for some time and after lots of practicing I have now managed to get everything perfect and happy to offer this service.


Babies 0 - 1 years

1 Hand or Foot Framed with engraved tag - £70

1 Hand & Foot Framed with engraved tag- £95

extra hands or feet including siblings -£ 40 each

When you arrive at the studio we will get you and baby settled so if they need feeding then this can be done at the studio or before arriving as this works better if the baby is relaxed.  

I will then get everything ready for the casting.  This has be done while you are at the studio as this sets very quickly.  We will then place your child's hand or foot into the liquid which we set around the hand or food giving the cast.  We will gently pull the hand or foot out and then your part is done.  We will do this twice just to make sure everything is captured. 

You will decide what colour you would like your cast in and some wording for engraving.

The cast will now have to be left with me for upto 4 weeks and I will contact you when this is ready to collect. 

Special memories that last a life time. 

Session should only take about 45 minutes