Birthday Parties

At Tilly Pots we offer lots of different Children's Birthday Parties that are great fun and we will make sure everyone has fun and laughter during your time at Tilly Pots!

The studio is light and spacious offering two rooms the main studio which can seat up to 30 people and the party room which can seat 24 people.  Most of our parties are hosted in the party room but depending on numbers we may also use the two rooms. 

Most parties will last for two hours 1 hour starting the chosen craft 30 minutes for food which you can bring yourself or I can provide and the last 30 minutes completing the craft a selection of squash will all so be provided.


Pottery Painting Party - With lots of different pottery items to choose from I will put out a selection in your chosen price range.  Everyone will be given everything needed to paint and lots of advice. Party will also include a fingerprint Birthday Tile for the birthday child.  Items will be ready to collect 2 weeks after the party.  Prices Start from £10.00


Harry Potter Party - During your party you will be painting your own wand, growing your own mandrake and will you make a love potion or truth potion and all items can be taken home the same day. £14.50 per child

Chocolate - Decorating your own chocolate plaques, making teddy bears and chocolate bars. Also including a Chocolate Fountain and marshmallows.  All chocolate can be taken home the same day. £14 per child

Pearl Clay - A self hardening modelling compound containing pearlescent plastic beads.  We will mix the plastic beads with the compound then attach them onto our pottery which will stick with ease and then over the next 24 hours this will dry hard. £14.00 per child

Foam Clay- Foam Clay is a bright coloured self hardening modelling material which can be applied to our ceramics.  Choose your item and get decorating. Items can be taken home the same day. £12.00 per child
Teddy Bear Stuffing - Make your new best friend. Choosing your own bear from a large selection and adding a heart before hand stuffing your own bear.  All bears will be taken home in their very own Fabric Bag that can be reused. £15.00 per child
Tutu Making - During the party you will me making your very own Tutu that you can take home the same day.  This is a non sewing item choosing your own colours, measuring your fabric and attaching this to your belt. £15.00 per child
Decoupage - Choosing your own decoupage item you will then cover this with our Decopatch paper, bows, ribbons, glitter, sequins and much more.  Items can be taken home on the same day. Animals £12 per child 
Slime Making - Making 4 different slimes adding glitter, crunch, colour, smells, and more. Learning different recipes and all slimes can be taking home on the same day. £14.00 per child 
Cup Cake Decorating - Decorating 4 large cupcakes, making your very own flavoured and coloured butter cream.  Rolling out icing and cutting shapes, using edible glitter.  All cakes can be taken home in a carry home box  £14.50 per child
Clay Hand Building - Using clay you can make your own name plaque.  With lots of design ideas to copy from or we can help you with your own ideas. Items will then be painted and left with me for 4 weeks before you can collect. £16.00 per child 
Bubble Bath Making - Making soap, bubble bath, shower cream, bath bombs and shower scrunchy.  Choosing the colour of each item and adding your own fragrance.   Taking items home in your own wash bag.   £14.00 per child 
Button Art - Make your very own wall art with a 30cm x 30cm canvas and buttons.  You will get lots of help and advice on your design and templates to use.  Your canvas can be taken home the same day. £12.00 per child 
Mosaic Mirror - Make your own Mosaic Mirror 15cm x 15cm.  You will get to choose from lots of different coloured mosaic tiles and be shown how to place the tiles and if you would like to include a Patten then we can show you how to do this.  All items can be taken home the same day.  £13.00 per child

Craft Party for 3 to 5 year olds -  Every child will receive their own craft kit containing 3 different crafts.  Foam Clay wooden decoration kit including 3 different colours of Foam Clay - Canvas and paints painting their own picture - Glitter Art Picture sprinkle glitter on to a sticky card.  All items can be taken home the same day.  £16 per child

Party Food

You are welcome to bring your own food and cake to your party or we can provide the party food from only £4.50 per child.  Our food is a selection of Ham, Jam and Cheese sandwiches, crisp, chocolate, biscuits and a selections of fruit usually grapes and strawberries.


Children's Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea should not just be for adults and you can now add afternoon tea to your child's birthday party.  Included a selection of sandwiches, cake, fruit yogurt and lots of sweet things.  Every child will also get and ice cream milkshake strawberry, chocolate or banana. £7.50 per child.

Would you like me to host a Tilly Pots party at your venue?     

Some of Tilly Pots parties can be taken to a venue of your choice you will receive the same party experience and friendly helpful staff.  Table and chairs will need to be provided and I will bring the rest to make your party full of laughter and fun. For an external party I need a minimum number of 12 children.

Pricing for the parties will be the same as the prices shown above but there will be an additional mileage charge for travel, prices shown below.

0 -10 miles from the studio £20

11-20 miles from the studio £30

21-40 miles from the studio £40 

A non refundable £25 deposit will secure your booking and the party needs to be paid in full two days before the event which can be paid by bank transfer or over the phone.

Please call or message me for more details and we can discuss all your party requirements.

Adults birthday parties and Hen parties or just a group of friends for the night

Are you looking for something really different to do with your friends and family on your Birthday, Hen Night, Baby Shower or just a get together?  Then why not give me a call and discuss what type of craft event you can have at the studio. 

If you book your event in the evening then you and your friends can have the studio all to yourselves and if you book during day then depending on numbers if we use the party room or main studio.

We will supply all the materials you need plus you will get a dedicated host during your time. You are welcome to order takeaway bring your own food or I can provide Afternoon Tea.

Our adult packages can be chosen to suit your event if you have a budget let us know and we can accommodate you.

Please call or message me for more details and we can discuss all your party requirements. 

Contact: 01623 792768 -