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Children's Workshops

I just love hosting my Children's Workshops and over the last few years have hundred's of children attend and had a great time.
Our Workshops mainly take place in the party room which is a brightly colored room offering you lots of space and a place to get creative have fun and learn something new.
During these children's workshop if adults stay you can purchase hot or cold drinks and watch or even take part yourself. 
PAINT POURING - Paint Pouring is a great messy workshop giving you the opportunity to be creative while having lots of fun and to try something new.  You will be shown a demonstration at the beginning of the workshop and then be given  a tile to practice on before then be given your canvas for your final design.
PEAR CLAYA self hardening modelling compound containing pearlescent plastic beads. We will mix the plastic beads with the compound then attach them onto our pottery which will stick with ease.
SLIME MAKING - Making 3 different slimes using lots of different materials and measurements so you learn everything needed to make and take your slimes home.  Have time to learn how to play with your slime doing different tricks and also how to look after your slime to make it last longer. 

HAND CLAY BUILDING - We do different clay workshops from clocks to fairy house and gingerbread houses to hanging decorations.  Keep a look out for this holidays clay project. 


 August School Holiday Workshop Dates

Date Event 
Slime Making

Monday 10th August 10.30am

Paint Pouring

Monday 17th August 1.30pm - Sold Out

Wednesday 26th August 10.30am 

Clay Clock Wednesday 12th August 10.30am
Pearl Clay Wednesday 19th August 10.30am