Fabric Spray Paint Workshop
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Fabric Spray Paint Workshop

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New to Tilly Pots Fabric Spray Paints

During the workshop you will be given a T-Shirt Fabric Bag and Fabric Spray Paints.

We will show how to use the spray paints how to create a design and make the most out of your paints.

All items can be taken home the same day but will need to be left for 48 hours and then put on a low heat wash to seal the paints.  Once this has dried you can use like any other piece of clothing and bag. 

Any Fabric Spray Paint you do not use you can take home. 

June 26th 11am - 11th July 10.30am - 12th August 1.30pm

You only need to book for those taking part.  Adults can supervise/watch for no charge.