Free Father's Day Hand or Foot Print
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Free Father's Day Hand or Foot Print

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Capturing hand and foot prints at any time is special but to make them for Father's Day gifts is even more memorable. 

You can now get a 1 x 6" tile that you can place a hand or foot print on (only one per family) 

If you would like to purchase more Pottery while you are at the studio to capture more hand and foot prints you can with items starting from £5 up to £25.  

I can add a name and age to your tile for free any other design will cost £3 per item (free with fully paid items) we also have lots of examples at the studio so you can get an idea of what you would like.

Items will need to be left with me for 2 weeks so I can glaze and fire them and will contact you when they are ready to be collected.