Glass Fusing 2 Coasters 2021
Glass Fusing 2 Coasters 2021
Glass Fusing 2 Coasters 2021
Tilly Pots

Glass Fusing 2 Coasters 2021

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Glass Fusing is something new that I am introducing to Tilly Pots

This is something I have always wanted to do and now feel the time is right to add this to all of the workshops Tilly Pots offer.

At the beginning of the evening you will be shown all the equipment that you will need to make your 2 glass fused coasters.  The coasters will be square and approximately 10cm x 10cm.  Your coasters will be flat and smooth. 

There will be pre cut glass and also bigger sheets so you can make your own shapes using the specialist cutters (goggles must be worn) and then you can start on your design.

Your coasters will be left with me at the studio so I can kiln fire them and then they will be ready to collect one week after the event. 

The workshop will last between 1 1/2 and 2 hours

13th July 2021 - 26th November 2021 

10.30AM OR 7PM