This is me

Hi my name is Maria and I am the owner of Tilly Pots Craft Studio since it was established in 2016.  I am 45 years old and live with my partner Nick, son Owen and two dogs, Willow and of course Tilly who the studio was named after.  Both Nick and Owen are often found pottering around the studio.  I also have two step children Oliva and Charles that come and stay and also enjoy crafts and test new ideas.  My two other daughters Chantelle and Louise have moved away from home, one living in Nottingham and the other in London. Both have been involved in building and running activities too.

When my son was younger I was involved with 1st Meadow Covert Scout group in West Bridgford for around 5 years, starting off as a Scout leader then finishing as Group Scout Leader.  We did many activities and events including camping, fundraising events and worked with children to achieve many goals including, the 140 mile Coast to Coast bike ride, Canoeing in Norfolk, the Yorkshire three peaks and even some wild camping including skinning and cooking Rabbits. (This was not for me!  Give me a bed and running water anytime over wild camping)

Whilst involved in scouts, this got me thinking about how much I enjoyed working with children; planning, running and events so I tried to think of ways that I could turn this into a career.  Many years passed and eventually I had an opportunity with my partners help to start my own business and Tilly Pots was born.  From day one this is something I have really enjoyed, there have been many stressful days including days where I have been working 12+ hour days but now I am 4 years into owning my own business and things have changed so much.  I have learnt a lot of new crafts which I absolutely love and then introduced these into the studio.  I still work very silly hours sometimes but do see the business growing and growing giving customers more choice and me also learning lots and lots of new crafts.

With everything that has happened since March 2020 and the studio having to temporarily close which was ironically the day I received the keys for the studio back in 2016, it has given me a lot of time to work out what I want from the business and trying to get the correct balance of working to build the business to be bigger and better and my family life.  With this in mind I am now working smarter, more organised and using my time efficiently trying not to take my laptop home in the evening, making sure I get everything I need to do in the daytime.  This is working well but I have been known to sneak in a little more work early in the mornings as I can be an early riser.

During lockdown I have redecorated the studio and now have a lovely craft selling area with lots of my homemade crafts and kits as well.  In this time making my homemade crafts really give me a purpose it relaxed me and gave me an opportunity to try new things.  My home and studio have benefited from this time with everything looking amazing and just the way I like it. I am also more focused and re-opened the studio with lots of excitement like I had when I first opened Tilly Pots and feel this is only going to be good thing for me and the customers going forward.

So that is a little about me and what I love doing someone did say I needed to find a hobby outside of work so I can switch off but crafts and family are my hobby so why change what I love the most!!!

Maria x