Clay Gonk Workshop
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Clay Gonk Workshop

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We do many many clay wokshops at Tilly Pots and this is a new workshop I feel is going to be very very popular!

You will be given lots of help and advice on how to make your Gonk using clay shaping your gonks body and nose and making and adding the hat.  You can then go crazy adding your design with lots of cutters to use or cutting out your own shapes.  

Once you have made your gonk you can paint this the same evening or come back once it has had its first kiln firing to paint.  

Items will take 4 weeks to get back due to it having to have 2 kiln firings

Your gonks can go in your home or garden I would just advise bringing them in over winter

Tuesday 11th June - 10.30am or 6.30pm 

Tuesday 23rd July -10.30am or 6.30pm

Saturday 24th August - 10.30am