Cheese Wine & Pottery Painting
Tilly Pots

Cheese Wine & Pottery Painting

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At Tilly Pots we are offering you an evening of fun and laughter with some great cheese's and flavoursome wines.  To start the evening you will choose a piece of pottery from our £18 shelf and you will get lots of advice through out the evening while eating and drinking the cheese and wine. 

Pottery Painting is for everyone as I will give you lots of tips and advice as well as samples that you can copy from.  Your items will be left with me for about 14 days so I can glaze and kiln fire your items and your can use your items at home.

During the evening there will be lots of different cheeses to sample and I will also be bringing round different wines for you to taste.

The evening will start at 7pm and the studio will close at 9.30pm giving you lots of time to have fun with your family or friend and time to create your masterpiece. 

Friday 1st December 7pm till 9.30pm - 3 Tables left.